Redemption...Portland, Tx 10/13/11

This will be a loooong report, but I had a blast and I’m going to enjoy writing every bit of it. Hope you enjoy it. If not feel free just to scroll and look at the pictures.

Had the fishing itch, so after making some homemade spaghetti for the family I loaded up and headed for the water. I got my first cast in the water at about 6:30PM. The bite was really slow. I started out with a mullet skitterwalk topwater just for kicks. No hits and I ended up getting tons line twist. I burned through about 30 minutes doing a bunch of detangling and frustration. After slapping on a jig head and untangling all the wind knots in my line I decided to get back to work. The sun set rather fast and I was losing daylight quick. The weather was incredible. Wind was pretty much nonexistent. Water was very calm and looked like glass. I was working my new penny Pogy through the grass lines and some sand pockets, but no bites.

After about another 30 minutes I decided to change out the Pogy and put on a sugar/spice glow gulp shrimp. I happened to glance toward the grass bed and what do I see? My old friends THE TAILS! I couldn't help get excited again, but remembered how the last 2 times I saw them I got skunked. After much advice from fellow TKF members, I felt more prepared to dance with these tails. I looked closely to see if I could see a spot on the tail to try and identify them. The last time we couldn't figure out if what I saw were Reds, Black Drum, or just Mullet messing with me. I slowly walked closer to them to get a closer look. I didn't see any spots, but it was only the thin part of the tail that was sticking out of the water so I couldn't be sure. There were about 6 or 7 tails around. I went ahead and zeroed in on one to see which way it was facing. I toss out my lure a bit past and work it in close to it. I went with a super slow retrieve almost dragging my shrimp on the bottom. I would just slightly twitch the jig up and down. Suddenly I see the tail working its way to my lure.. bump...bump.. I twitched one more time BUMP. I set the hook, REEEEEEE!!! Yeehooo! FISH ON! This bad mama jama took off HARD and took a bunch of my line. After working him a bit trying to get him close, I couldn't help but feel excited to finally see what kind of fish belonged to these all so elusive tails. As the fish gets close and I try to see what it is, This guy got mad and decided to head out for another run. I still didn't know what was on my hook. After another 2 minutes or so of fighting this guy. I finally see the culprit. BLACK DRUM! This fella came in and I lifted him out of the water to admire him. He measured 17 inches and was drumming away....WHEW! On the stringer he went for supper. I felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders and a huge sense of accomplishment to finally catch the elusive tailer. BUT... I didn't have time to dilly dally. There were more tails around and no more sun. I would really have to concentrate and try to use the light from the moon to see the tails. I could see the moonlight reflecting into the water. I took a picture with my phone, but obviously its not that great but you get the idea.

I cast out toward another tail and work my lure the same way with a slow dragging motion. Here comes the tail... RREEEEEEE!!!! Yeehooo! FISH ON! The only word that came to mind right away was POWER. This guy took off and put a heck of a fight. After landing him, he measured in at 18 inches. On the stringer he goes. I am pumped now and start looking for another tail. Sure enough I find one. I cast out and Bump.... Set the hook....MISS! aww. I cast out again.. Tail comes close REEEEEE!! Yeehooo! FISH ON! After a great fight, I land a 16 inch Black drum.


I was slamming these drum all night. At around 9PM I had my limit, and continued to fish releasing the additional black drum I would catch. I was having a blast site casting. I did manage to hook up with a nice 19 1/2 inch red as well that was released to fight another day. I tried taking a picture with my phone. I know it’s a terrible one.

All in all This trip was one of the best ones I have ever had. I never really site casted before. I had a huge sense of accomplishment because

  1. I limited out for the first time ever.
  2. I site casted all of these fish, another first.
  3. I finally caught the Tails!!!

Thanks for reading Hope you guys enjoyed it.




Limit black drum

17in, 17in ,18in ,16in ,18in

Fish Cleaned and ready for the freezer.