Bothersome...Portland, Tx 11/1/2011

Decided to take a quick trip down to Portland and have a go at some wade fishing. As I was driving past the causeway bridge I looked into the water and noticed a large brown section of water. It almost looked like a huge section of muddy or dirty water. This just looked odd to me because I have never seen it there before. When I finally arrived I immediately knew something was different and not good. When I opened my car door, I was hit with an odd smell. It was a musky stagnant smell. I began to wonder if this was indeed red tide. I called my cousin to look up the reports and sure enough, said that it was in my area. I walked the shoreline and saw many dead fish. I wondered out onto the water anyway to see if maybe it was just a small section. Coast Guard was flying overhead making rounds about on the water. I could see shiny objects in the water floating. As I get close I see its a bunch of dead fish just floating. At this point I knew I would not be doing any fishing, but decided to walk along the sand bar and see what damage had been done. Here are some pictures I took while I was out there. Its a shame to see so many fish just dead and wasted, but I know its natures way of cleansing herself. Its all for a purpose. There were trout, stingray, redfish, black drum, gaftop, hardhead, mullet, and even flounder that were victims.




Black Drum