Not Looking Good...Portland, Tx 11/13/2011

I took a 12 day break from fishing due to the unfortunate bloom of red tide that was effecting the Portland area. Last trip was on 11-1-11 and was just a sad site. Today I woke up early and decided to hit the water to finally get on some fish after a disappointing string of three trips in a row of being skunked. I was on the water by 6AM and felt motivated and optimistic. The sunrise was beautiful and the tide was up and moving out. The water looked like glass and the wind was nonexistent. Water was crystal clear. I was ready to try out some new gulps I bought to try and slam some reds & drum.

After prowling around and trying to look for any movement I notice the entire area looks abandoned. There was no motion, no mullet jumping, no splashes in the distance, no bait fish swimming by me, and no fish getting spooked. It was a ghost town. I was wondering what was going on. Where were the fish? I always see something swimming out there even if I am not hooking up. I continued to work about another 1/2mile of shore line. Nothing. I decided perhaps I needed to go deeper.

As I walk out towards the second gut I noticed something that made me feel uneasy. I saw a dead crab in the water belly up on the floor. I continued to walk out getting ready to hit the third gut when I saw something floating and making its way toward me that made me cringe and just crushed all my hopes for the day

Yup RED TIDE strikes again!!! I was so deflated by this. As the sun got higher I could see the huge bloom just making its way toward me and the shore. It reminded me of the blob slowly creeping and coming at me. I knew my day was over now even before it got started. I made my way back to shore and began the loooong walk back. As I was walking I saw where the water had receded since i arrived and low and behold. Dead fish were now laying where there was once water. By the time I made it back to my car I could see that the yellowish brown stain had made its way to the shore.

I know its natures way, but its just disheartening to make the trip for nothing. Im new to the Corpus area, so I dont know this area very well. I dont know where else to fish that is not being effected by the red tide. I know of places, but not too comfortable trying out a place by myself if I have never been there before just for safety reasons. I think I will just take a break from fishing for the rest of November and hope this December cold takes out the bloom and brings back the fish.

Hope you guys have better luck than me and slam those fish out there. Good luck everyone!!