Recon...Corpus Christi, Tx 11/14/2011

Went out today to do some recon. Ended up at a location from a tip from a couple of TKF members. Was kind of messy out there with old filleted fish skeletons left on the ground along with 2 deer carcasses.

There was couple of deer heads with the body skin dangling off of them.

There were legs and spines thrown there as well. Kind of got an uneasy feeling about that. Not sure if that is a norm out there. I'm not a hunter so not too sure.

The water looked good and it was very windy. Saw a couple of fisherman out on a boat along the shore.

I think I may try it out in the next week when the wind dies down a bit more. I'm not too sure where to work the shoreline here, but I guess it will just have to be a learning process.