Corpus Christi, Tx 11/20/2011

So after a long day filming in Kingsville yesterday afternoon, I'm finally on my way back home. Well naturally my mind began to wonder as I'm driving because of what seemed to be just never ending farm rd all around me. I was by myself, and couldn't help but daydream about fishing. Helps pass the time. I remembered passing a bridge when I was leaving home that was less than a mile away. I remembered seeing what looked like a large creek or stream with quite a bit of water. I also remembered I had my fishing rod and lures in my car. I decided as a goof to stop by this bridge and throw a line out for the heck of it. I didnt even know if there was going to be fish there. Well after scouting the water out I couldn't help but bask in the scenes beauty. The sun was beginning to set and the trees were a dark deep green. I looked in the water and saw a few mullet jumping around. There must be some life in here. Sure enough after three casts of my pearl white gulp shrimp BAM! YEEHEW! I bring in this 19 inch red.

I was both excited and amazed. I couldn't stay long so I just casted out a few more times. Spent about 30 minutes there and hooked into 3 redfish all about the same size. Needless to say it was a great ending to a work day, and I will be returning to try this spot out again very soon.