Indian Point Pier-Portland, Tx 8/29/2011

7:50 PM

Arrived at Indian Point Pier in Portland Texas right before 8pm just in time to snap this picture of the sunset.




Slight SE breeze coming in the direction of from the end of pier to pier house. Temperature in my car said it was 87 degrees. Water was pretty calm and semi clear with very small waves (if any).







I decided to set up shop at the first wash stand to see if I could hook up into a few reds while the sun was going down. I was Fishing with 3” Gulp New Penny shrimp. Not much action here. No bites or nibbles after fishing for about 30 minutes so I decided to go a bit further down and try underneath the light around wash stand 2.


After about 3 casts with my new penny shrimp, first fish of the day was on.(small sand trout) Stayed here for about 1 hour constantly hooking up. There was lots of action here, unfortunately, they were all small sand trout so back in the water they went.


After an hour at the second wash stand, I decided to move to the end of the pier. I went to the left side to try out the lights there. After a few casts, I felt an unusual tug at my line. I reel it in an found that I caught a ribbon fish. He was given to a fellow fisherman to use for bait. (sorry forgot to take picture). As luck would have it the action here was intense as well. Fish after fish was on the hook. Again, unfortunately they were all small sand trout. Still the thrill of catching fish was fun and I was having a blast.


After another hour in this spot I moved on the other side of the pier. I decided to set up my larger rod with a piggy perch that was given to me by the fisherman whom i gave my ribbon fish to. I figured I’d set this line out and hope for a bigger fish as i kept trying my luck with my trout rod.


The trout action died down for a while and I no longer got any bites on my new penny gulp shrimp. I decided to try out my spec rig with double jig heads. (white jig head with orange 1” plastic grub and Green jig head with yellow 1” plastic grub). Action was on but still small sand trout. I changed the grubs out and put on some dead shrimp on the jig heads instead as a goof just to see what happens. The bite became more powerful than ever as I twitched the rig through the water. The first 2 casts with this set up had big speckled trout slam it, but they both shook the hook loose as they were being brought up over the pier. Finally on the third cast I felt another powerful tug. Though not as hard as the first 2 it was harder than the sand trout tugs. Sure thing it was the first landed spec of the night. It felt good to finally get a spec landed, although this one was too small (12 inches) so back in the water it went and reload with some dead shrimp on the double jig.


After about 20 minutes in the water my Piggy perch rod started to scream wildly. I had to do a double take because I assumed it was a crab or wave. But it just kept screaming. I went to pick up the rod and set the hook. I must have been too excited, because when I went to set the hook there was nothing at the end. This fish had gotten away. :( I reeled it in and bait was gone. I set up with another perch with hopes of snagging another one. I went back to my trout rod to see if I could finally get a keeper trout. After another 30 minutes of catching a bunch of small specs and sand trout. I felt another big boom on my trout rod. I reeled it in and got it on the pier. YES!!! A keeper spec! or was it? I got the fish and put it against the ruler. AWWWWW!! 14.5 inches. Yup too small so back in the water it went. Nothing hit the piggy perch rod so I ended my fishing trip around midnight and called it a night. Maybe next time I’ll be able to get me some keeper fish. Here are some of the fish caught and released. Overall about 60 plus trout caught all undersized.

Thanks for reading

Erick Cantu