Wadefishing - Portland, Tx 9/1/2011


Checked the local weather and fishing forecasts today, and it said that today was a good day to fish. I decided to try and test this theory out for myself and see if these forecasts actually work. It said the best fishing time would be between 3:30pm and 6pm. So I gathered up mu lucky 3” Gulp New Penny Shrimp and begin the long walk out to the guts of a little place showed to me by my teammates. This was my first time alone out here so I wasn't too sure where to start. I got some last minute details and headed out on my way. After about a 15 minute walk to the spot I begin to walk on out trying to see if there were any reds tailing around. Wind was a SE about 10mph and the water was clear with minimal waves. My car said it was 94 degrees, but I tell you that sun was blazing down on me. Tide was a bit low to where you could see some sand bars exposed. There was finger mullet schooling around and water was nice and warm.

I was very excited and couldn't wait to get started. So I throw the first cast.............and wait...and wait...and twitch and twitch.......It was VERY VERY slow.............. An hour went by as I was wading around and I had not gotten the slightest nibble. I kept moving along trying different guts and bars trying to scout the water (no sun glasses...yes this is dumb). I didn't see much movement at all other than mullet swimming about with no worries. An hour turned into two hours. Two hours turned into three with absolutely no bites or nibbles. I had swapped baits a few times, but still no action. Those forecasts were full of it and to top it off, since there is no action, there was nothing to get my mind off of the fact that the sun was burning me up and my back was beginning to cramp up. ARRGG! Must Keep going....

The sun began to fall as it is now going on 7:30pm and I began to doubt myself. I began working my way back to where I started and eventually call it a day. As I was walking a sandbar I decided to toss my lure into a gut as a goof. My new penny shrimp didn't even have much time to hit the water when all of a sudden BAAAMMM ScrEEEEEch!! YeeeeHoooooo!!! Fish on! I was caught completely off guard and began to fight this fish. He kept pulling drag and I just kept cranking. Rod tip was up and the fight was on. I see him make a mad dash straight toward me so I figured this would be an easy catch. When he got right to my hip, He booked it again for another run. He had some power and this was a great fight. FInally he went belly up and gave up. I brought him to my hip. Locked on to him with a death grip and put him on the stringer, 23 1/2 inch Redfish. Whoohoo thank you very much.


Now at this time I completely forgot about my back spasms and burned face. I was ready to fish some more. 3 casts later Yeeeehoooooo!!! another fight. Unfortunately, this big redfish wasn't big enough. Estimated at about 16 inches. Back he went to fight another day. After about 20 minutes or so I get another hit. This time it was a hard head. Back in the water it went. 3 casts later, I’m twitching and twitching and feel a little tug. I was thinking it was another hard head trying to eat my gulp. Then the tugging stopped. I began to reel in slowly, another bump. I reel in a bit faster and I notice I have some weight at the end of my line. It felt like I was dragging some seaweed. Then as I get it close to me I see its not seaweed at all, but a big ol' flounder. YeeeeHoooooo!!! Fish on. This mama jamma was shaking his head and i was so worried she would spit the hook right in front of me. I put my rod in my arm pit and bear-hugged this flounder with both hands making sure she wasn't getting away. On the stringer she went. Measured at 20". The endorphins running through my body made me forget about my spasms. Darkness was pretty well set in here so I headed in with a few more casts just in case I could catch a speckled trout and nail the slammy! No such luck. Either way this trip ended very well with 2 fish in the cooler. Sorry I couldnt take pics out on the water as I was by myself. Here are some pictures of the fish in my sink getting ready for freezer prep. Fish on everyone!


Erick Cantu