Portland, Tx 9/25/11, 10/7/11

(Combining a few reports into one big one here.)


Headed out to try my luck at wade fishing early in the morning and I was on the water by 6:30am.

After the long walk I began to throw my new penny gulp shrimp. I was getting quite a few nibbles, but it felt much like perch or small fish. Sure enough after about 20 or so casts I had to put on a new shrimp because the first one was all torn up and shredded. I could not get a fish to take the bait so I could set the hook. After a few hours I feel a bump. Then another bump. Very light bumping. Then i just slightly twitch my rod and BAM Yeeeehoooooo! fish on. It was a small red, but it felt good to finally get one to fight me. Red was released to grow bigger and fight another day.

More time went by and very little action was on the water. I began to see many tails in the water. Whoa! Could these be the elusive tailing reds I have heard so much about? I grew very excited and threw out my bait as fast as I could...... Nothing. No bumps. No nibbles. I saw the tails swirling all around the grass lines but none wanted anything I threw at them. An hour or so went by and the school of tails moved on. After a few more casts I feel a very timid bump. Then BAM Yeeeehoooooo! fish on. I landed another small red that was released. After another few hours of no more nibbles I decided to call it a day.



Headed out for an evening wade after doing much research on different techniques of lure retrievals and much advice from fellow fishermen. I decided to try my hand at looking at tide reports and doing some research on when the water would be having more movement. I hit the water at 6pm. The Tide report said the tide would begin to fall around 6pm and should reach low tide at midnight. I hit the water around 6pm in hopes of being around during the water transition into low tide.

I loaded up a pumpkinseed chart tail 5 in shad. and began to go to work. I was trying some new retrievals I saw online but wasn't getting any hits. I decided to try and put on my new penny Gulp Pogy. I did the same retrieval. First cast hits the water. Lift rod tip...let it fall... lift rod tip let it fa...BAM!! Fish on YeeeeHoooooo! After a brief fight I landed an undersized 18 in red. I was so excited. I let him go to fight another day.

I fixed my bait and casted again. Bump Bump.. I was getting hits. The new retrieval method was working for me. I had a few smacks but they spit the hook. After another 45 minutes or so Im still working my Pogy. Lift rod tip up...twitch twitch BAM! YeeeeHoooooo! fish on. This one took off like he was trying to melt my spool. After taking much drag and a nice fight I finally landed this 21in red. On the stringer it went for dinner for the family.

On I fished until the sun went down landing what felt like red after red. all were undersized, but it was great to finally get some action.

There was a lot of action on the water today. Overall in 3 hours, I brought home a 21in red and landed more than 8 reds and missed quite a few. Im not sure if the lure retrieval research or tide chart research had anything to do with it, but bottom line is today was a good day to fish. Im going to try again when the tide chart shows movement and see if this indeed is why I was more successful today. Happy Fishing everyone!