Portland, Tx 9/3-4/2011

This weekend was one that I will always remember. My oldest, Trinity, made the trip with me this time. On the way there we had a largest fish pot set of $10. We didnt get to fish as much as we wanted to since there was other stuff going on. We BBQ'd Saturday so we headed out to Indian Point Pier Saturday night. The pier was so full so we found a spot by the first wash stand. It was so slow we hardly had any bites. We were throwing new penny Gulp shrimp. After a couple of break offs due to hang ups, we called it a night and headed in. The next morning I woke Trini up to get ready for her first wading experience.




from Trini's perspective...

When I went wade fishing for the first time I was scared to death. The water was sparkly from the sun's glow. We were there for about four hours. It was a while before my Dad caught a trout. It was just about a keeper but we let the speckled trout go. We were fishing in a pretty deep gut. It was all the way up to my waist. I also learned how to cast correctly. When we were walking back, I caught a redfish. It was also too small. Dad won the $10 pot for the weekend because of his trout. He probably just took it from one pocket and put it in the other pocket.