Wadefishing-Portland, Tx 9/8-9/2011


It was another beautiful day here in Corpus, so I decided to head out and try my luck wading in Portland. I wanted to try my luck again when the sun started to go down. I had some success the previous trip I made at sunset nabbing me a flounder and a large red. I was hoping for a repeat performance this time out. I hit the water about 5:45pm and began my long walk out. I was a bit disappointed because I didn't bring along my lucky New Penny Gulp 3" shrimp. Academy was all out, so I had to settle for 3" New Penny Pogy. Weather was nice with a SE wind about 12 MPH. Temp in car said 94 degrees. Water was clear, but there was a lot of grass this time around. I set up shop and begin wading. An hour or so went by without even as much as a nibble. I worked the grass and sand pockets but to no avail. Frustration set in a bit as I kept getting chunks of grass on my hook. I ended up switching my jig-head and rigged my Pogy to be weedless. I had better success avoiding the big bundles of grass attaching themselves to my hook, yet I still had no bites. As I continued down walking I notice some movement in the shallows ahead. Hmm. YES! Redfish...TAILING!! There must have been about 10-20 tails in the air with large red dots staring me right in the eye. I couldn't hold back my excitement. I cast out ahead and worked my pogy in. NOTHING! Maybe I just missed their faces. Lets try this again. Again nothing. I cast more than 20 times into the swarm of tailing redfish. They just ignored my Pogy. Not even the slightest nibble. They swam right up to me and never got spooked. Yet they never took the bait. I wanted to just thrust my hand in the water and catch one Cave man style, but I knew that was not happening. After about 30 minutes the school was all but gone. Then when I least expect it. BAMM Yeehooo! fish on! Landed me a small red who was let go to fight another day. Unfortunately, the bite was virtually non-existent after that so I called it an early night and headed home.





After a long night of thinking "what if", and thinking about all those tailing redfish I was determined to get back on the water. I told myself it was because I didn't have my New Penny Shrimp. I decided to head out to Academy and pick up a pack of my lucky New Penny 3" Gulp shrimp. YES! they have them in stock. You better watch out redfish! Get on the water about 5:30pm and begin working my shrimp. Car said 84 degrees and wind again was light from SE about 10-14 MPH. Water was clear and warm with grass once again floating around. Right away I felt better about this trip because I was getting little nibbles which was way more than the day before. After about 45 minutes on the water I get my first major hit. BAMM!! I go to set the hook, but fish is long gone. AARRG! That was a nice fish that got away. Another 20 minutes floated by and as I'm working the lure BAMM again! Yeehooo! Fish on...Hook was set and immediately a torpedo flies out of the water. SKIPJACK! Whoop. I was in for a fight. This guy took my drag like it was lunch money from a baby. Back and fourth he went putting on a show leaping into the air. They don't call the skip jack for nothing. Landed this fella and measure him. 20 inches, was the approximate length I got on my ruler. It was difficult measuring, holding the fish and my rod at same time so I couldn't really stretch him out. I thanked him for a good fight, snapped a photo, and back in the water he went.


30 minutes rolled by and the sun was beautifully setting. I cast out and work my lure in a gut. I feel a slight twitch and nibble, so I slowed down the retrieval. Again bump...bump...bump. I tighten the line a bit and BAMM! Yeehooo! fish on. This one started shaking its head and was coming in quick. I figured it was a large trout for sure. As it got close, it said no way and booked it for a small run. After a brief fight I clearly see it coming to me. NICE, keeper red. Quick measure reads 22 inches. Woohoo, onto the stringer it goes. I am happy at this point just knowing I'm taking home a keeper fish to add to the pervious catch in my freezer at home.


About an hour went by and it was completely dark now. I marveled at how the moon was so bright and the stars were so clear and shiny. I could hardly see my lure hitting the water, but I wanted to get some more fishing done. It was very quiet and peaceful out there. I worked my lure in what I thought was a shallow gut and felt a small tug. I looked ahead where I felt the tug, And in the moons reflection I could see movement in the water. I couldn't tell if it was a tailing redfish or just a mullet swimming around. I tried my luck again and cast just past that spot. I worked it through where I had seen that tail or shape. BAAAAAMMM! REEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yeehooo! My rod started screaming bloody murder! I set the hook and the fight was on. I wasn't too sure what I had but it was damn powerful. It just kept pulling and pulling line. I began to walk a bit towards it because I was afraid of getting spooled. I began to get some of my line back and rod tip was bent down. I kept that rod tip as high as i could hoping this big fella wouldn't spit the hook. As it seemed to get around 20 ft or so to me I could hear it splashing deeply and angrily. I couldn't tell what it was because it was so dark. Then again. REEEEEEEEE! He took of again taking what felt to be almost all of my line. I walked a bit more towards it trying to gain line back. This time he wouldn't let me get close. This fish kept its distance. Pulling major drag every time I thought I was gonna get him close. My poor rod just kept screaming and I could feel the weight and power behind this beast. I started to get a bit nervous because I was hoping it would be a red, but it felt incredibly strong and I was beginning to wonder if it was a shark. Perhaps what I thought was a tailing redfish was a dorsal fin of a shark. I didn't have any tools on me to land a shark. So as it came closer to me my adrenaline went up because I was worried it would be a shark. I could hear the sound of deep splashing and could make out a silhouette of the fish. I saw the head poke out and saw the big head. I thought it was a Black drum, but as it came closer I saw it was a Nice redfish! Whoo! I kept bringing it in and put the death grip on it. Put the stringer though it and got the ruler out. 28 inches! Nice! I was tired and beat down. That fish put up one heck of a fight. I was pooped and decided to head home. I had enough meat for a nice dinner for me and the family. This trip was very good to me..... I still say it was the new penny Shrimp lol..